What is the best fabric for car seat covers?

If you are a guy or girl like me who loves class, luxury and being seen as someone who rolls out with finesse and suave, then you must have seriously started thinking about the best fabric for your car seat covers. Why? It is such minute details that define your personality and place you on a certain pedestal in your immediate society. And that is why, I choose to go with leather for all my car seat cushions.

But why leather and is it the only luxurious cover out there? Well, leather has always been a definition of wealth for me. Anytime I see leather, I think of the sacrifice in skinning it from the animal, tanning and beating it into form and then softening it so as to make classical covers. But leather isn’t the only luxurious cushion out there for your car seats. There are also denim, sheepskin, neoprene and canvas


Sheepskin is another expensive choice. And also an item of prestige that shows people that you got money and are not afraid to spend it on awesome things. Ideal for cold weather, sheepskin makes your car feel warm and homely. The downside though is that it is not water resistant and would take long to dry after a spillage.

Denim and canvas

A little bit cheaper, denim and canvas are great when you want a dash of lively colour into your car. They are also breathable and would therefore do well in hot areas. The downside though is that just like sheepskin, they are not water resistant.


If you live in rainy areas and are afraid of water droplets getting to your car seats, then you should seriously think of going neoprene. The downside is that neoprene is not warm and would therefore not be so good for cold places.

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