Kids N’ Such 3 Pack Bundle of Herringbone Multi Use Car Seat Canopy

Kids N’ Such 3 Pack Bundle of Herringbone Multi Use Car Seat Canopy, Nursing Pillow Cover, and Baby Blanket | Best Baby Shower Gift for Breastfeeding Mothers of Infant Boys and Girls

I belong to the conservative group of people that believe that breastfeeding a baby should be a discrete process. I feel bad when I see mothers at the pack unleashing their breasts and giving it to their crying young ones in front of everyone else without even batting an eyelid. At most times, I have found myself walking to the feeding woman and asking her to look for a piece of cloth to cover the baby and her breast. Yes, that is me. And that is why, the kids N such 3 pack bundle canopy, pillow cover and baby blanket were the first things I bought for my wife when she started breastfeeding our second born son.

But why did I buy this brand while there are other non-expensive canopies out there on amazon. Well, I have found out that with my baby products, I will do anything to buy just the best. I love the boy so much and so spending on products that will benefit him is nothing to me. I will buy top dollar baby canopies, pillows and blankets even when that leaves a dent on my pocket. Another reason that I went for this brand was that it was simply irresistible. What with those awesome colours that go ahead to accentuate the inside of my car when the little prince is on board?

What I loved about the product

  • Versatility—the cover is great for nursing, covering the baby while asleep in the car, keeping sunlight away from him as well as protecting him from cold winds, insects and prying eyes
  • It is an item of luxury that accentuates your car interior
  • The blanket is warm and great colours for the baby.
  • The pillow cover is easy to wash and protects baby from any dirt on the pillow

What I did not like about it

  • The price might be too high for low budget buyers

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