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How to keep your car seats in their new condition

How to keep your car seats in their new condition

There is nothing that feels as bad as seeing your expensive leather car seats become old, dilapidated, torn or with holes all over. It is a waste on your money and makes your car interior look bad, neglected and poor. So in this article, we will list some of the ways that you can make sure that your car seats do not look neglected at all.

Install car seat covers

If your car seats are still new and you want them to remain that way, the only way to do so is by buying and installing covers that will help maintain them. Any holes will from then on go to the covers and not the actual seats. The good thing with this is that covers are replaceable while seats are not. Once they get destroyed, they are done.

Kick mats

Apart from protecting the front part of the car seats, you also need to protect the back parts using kick mats. Kick mats help keep your seat clean at the back.

Clean debris from crevices using a vacuum cleaner

While cleaning, you should remember that most of the debris and dust goes to the crevices. Cleaning with a wet cloth would not remove this dirt. To remove it, you need a vacuum cleaner that sucks out all that dirt.

Avoid placing sharp objects and carrying bulky loads

Carrying sharp objects could make the car seats torn or poke holes on them. I always make sure that my kids are not carrying any sharp objects such as sharpened pencils, lollipops, sticks or pens since they might get tempted to poke the car seats leaving holes

Patch leather holes

The moment you notice holes in your leather car seats, you should have them patched up immediately. Failure to do this would mean that the holes are going to get bigger and bigger and you will have to replace the entire seat. So as they say prevention is better than cure—patch up the holes once you notice them.

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