How to install car seat covers

Once you have bought the best car seat covers that will suit your personality, car theme and budget, the next thing is installing. Most people though are not handy and rely on their local mechanic for everything. They therefore end up spending so much because the mechanic sensing that they are clueless how easy some tasks are go ahead to charge them exorbitantly. In this article though, I will give you the step by step procedures of installing the car seat covers so that you can do it on your own without having to pay through the nose for a DIY process.


Remove the headrests

Once your choice covers have arrived, you can go ahead to set up the installation. You do not need much other than the product plus time and determination to have everything going on well.

If your car has headrests, remove them so as to allow the covers to slip in. If not, then you can skip this step.


Slip the cover onto the seat

When buying the cover, I always advice my clients to make sure that it will fit snugly into their seats. Otherwise there will be a big problem when the cover looks wrinkled or is too small to fit. Fortunately, most amazon covers are universal and will therefore fit into any car seat.

When slipping the cover onto the seat, you need to pull the loops so that they go down.


Hook the covers into place

Once the covers have fitted into the seats snugly, you can fasten the hooks and loops into place so that they do not slip off.


Cut headrest holes

Identify where the headrests were and using a sharp object cut out the holes. In some cases, covers come with the headrest holes already done for you.


Replace the headrests

The final thing is replacing the headrests. And there you are—done!

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