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How to clean up your car interiors

How to clean your car interior

Are you one of those guys who feel like cursing the car wash guys. Because they seem not to know how to clean up your car or that they charge you exorbitantly for a job that seems so simple?. Well, in this article, we help you save some slack. By giving tips on how to clean up your car interior.

Pet fur and poop

If you are a guy like me who loves carrying Jim, my door around whenever I go for a ride. Then you must have come face to face with dog poop or fur lying on your car seat after Jim decided that he wants to leave behind a legacy that will make him be remembered as you wash out the filth.

Well, rather than curse Jim, I have found it important to install car seat covers so that cleaning up the mess after Jim has done his thing is no longer messy as it used to be when I had not installed car seat cushions.

Mud, dirt and liquid spillages

If you always find yourself cleaning up mud, dust and liquid spillages in your car. You might find it invaluable to install neoprene seat covers and kick mats that are easy to wipe since all you need is a wet cloth. Neoprene is great in that it dries immediately. You can source from amazon. You do not need to wait for a long time before you can continue using the car.


The floor seems to be the dirtiest part of your car interior. Especially during the rainy season due to mud but it needs not be so. With some old split up cartoons and newspapers, you can cover up the floor during muddy times. That all you need to do is remove the muddy floor covers and then do minimal cleaning.

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