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Best Car Battery in 2019

Many people experience a lot of trouble with the car battery that come with the car from the factories. Many times, these car batteries last for a year, or at most two years. After two years, their efficiency dramatically reduces.  If you don’t want any disappointments and failures, you will have to get a durable car battery.

Choosing a best car battery that will effectively run your car for many years can be a little hectic. Most people lack the knowledge of the best features to look for in a car battery. Besides, there are a lot of car batteries in the market. It, therefore, becomes troublesome for an amateur in car issues or a first timer to gauge what battery is good or which was is ineffective. However, you have nothing to worry about. I have made everything easier for you. I have crafted a review of the best car batteries, and factors to consider when shopping for a car battery. Carefully go through the review below to avoid messing up when selecting a car battery.

The list a combination if the best ever battery in the market with the latest technology. Best battery price in the market. Most long lasting batteries. Best batteries for cold weather and best batteries for all weather. Finally the best rates car battery in the 2019 market.

Best Car batteries in 2019

  1. Optima Batteries 34/78 RedTop Starting Car Battery



Optima Batteries 34/78 RedTop Starting Car Battery

I would rank this car battery as the best, thanks to its versatility.  If you are looking for a car battery that would efficiently run your car, truck, SUV, and van, look no further than this battery. This car battery fits in lots of vehicles.  Despite being versatile and strong, this car battery is very affordable.

What I adore more about this battery is that it sheds almost 12 pounds.  The output of the cold cranking amps is 800. This battery would still ignite the car with ease even in the most extreme weather conditions.

The reserve capacity of this battery is around 100 minutes. This would give you more power-life when you need it.  In freezing weather, there is an optimal starting power. This battery is up to 15 times more resistant to vibration hence a longer life span.

This car battery is safe for you, the people who drive in your car and the environment. If you are conscious about your health, and the wellbeing of the environment, this is the right battery for you. The spiral-cell design is a clean and safe power source.


– Some customers have experienced battery fail before the manufacturer’s stated life span

  1. Optima D35 YellowTop Dual Purpose Car Battery

Optima D35 YellowTop Dual Purpose Car Battery

Coming second on our list is the Optima D35 YellowTop Dual purpose Car Battery.  The overall performance of this car battery is excellent.  The positive terminal is located on the right side. Size: 9 5/16″ long x 6 13/16″ wide x 7 5/8″ tall

The ability of this battery to work in various weather conditions is exemplary.  It has a 98-minute reserve capacity for constant performance. Besides, there is an overall betterment in resistance for vibrations. From the manufacturers, this battery is rated at 650 cold cranking amps and 12 volts.

It is around 36.4 pounds.  This is an excellent feature because most batteries with close to this battery’s performance are usually approximately 50 pounds.

This car battery is very versatile. It can be used in wide ranges of cars and trucks. I highly recommend this car, especially that now that its affordable for its exemplary features.


– This battery is expensive

  1.  ACDelco 94RAGM Professional AGM Car Battery


ACDelco 94RAGM Professional AGM Car Battery

The performance and the overall battery life of this car battery are perfect, thanks to the high-density negative paste and the silver calcium and the enhanced life alloys. These features increase the life span of this battery and the general performance of this car battery.

If you have been experiencing any problems with leaks, here is your solution.  With this battery, forgotten will be the constant leaks.  It has been pressure tested and carefully sealed to prevent occurrences of any leaks.

This battery has been ranked an amazing 800 cold cranking amps and approximately 80 hours per energy.  The impressive cold cranking amps would come in handy in during freezing temperatures.

It’s a versatile battery whose feature will be worth the price.  It will perfectly work for small cars, regular cars, trucks, sports cars, and even big dually trucks.



  1. Exige Edge FP-AGM24F Flat Plate Car Battery

Exige Edge FP-AGM24F Flat Plate Car Battery

If you own a hybrid vehicle, an SUV or even a regular truck, this battery could be something that would work excellently for you.  This is a one excellent heavy duty battery.  This battery weighs below 50 pounds.

If you have had spills, this battery would be ideal for you. It has perfectly been sealed. You will completely forget about the constant spills.

The rating of this car battery is 710 cold cranking amps. You will have an easier time starting your car in fair weather, or even when it’s scorching. Overall, I would rank it as one of the best batteries to crank your vehicle in super cold temperatures.


– Poor warranty services

  1. Bosch S6508B S6 Flat Plate AGM Battery

Odyssey 34R-PC1500T Automotive Battery

Bosch is one of the renowned brands most of your hardware tools.   This car battery is one of the excellently done projects by the company.  This car battery is sturdy and will last you for longer than most car batteries. According to Bosch, this battery would serve you twice longer than other regular batteries. If the battery fails in the first four years, the company will replace it for free. It is 47 pounds.

This battery has cold cranking amps of 710.  This ranking makes it an easy to use battery in extreme weather conditions.  You will have an easier time starting your car whenever it’s too cold or too hot.

This battery is capable of handling many discharges and charges, thanks to the high AGM strength.  The strong AGM gives this battery a long life span. The battery has a faster charge acceptance.  The battery recharges faster even under extreme weather conditions. If you are looking for an everyday use battery or an occasional one, you will love this one.

  1. Odyssey 34R-PC1500T Automotive Battery

Odyssey 34R-PC1500T Automotive Battery

The features of this battery are just excellent. The cranking amps of this battery are 1500 and the cold cranking amps of 850. You will have an easier time igniting your car in the extreme weather conditions. It has a capacity of 135-minute reserve capacity and a capacity of 68 amps hours.

The lead-plate design featured in this battery makes it long-lasting. Its long life span is about four times the regular car batteries. Fortunately, the company offers you a four-year warranty. This is ideal for anyone who does not want to gamble with their money.

You can mount the battery in any direction you want to, thanks to the modern design feature it has. Just don’t turn it upside down.



–    Expensive

  1. DieHard 38188

DieHard 38188

If you need a car battery suitable for heavy duty cars, this could be the most ideal for you.  It works effectively for police cars and ambulances. If you want a start-and-stop car battery, this would suitably work for you. If you have a small car, I would recommend that you get some other battery. The 65 AGM makes it unsuitable for most small cars.

The battery has Cold cranking amps of 750 and cranking amps of 850. This makes it a powerful and reliable battery.  It has a 140 means reserve capacity. This gives it a capability of cranking large engines, unlike most regular car batteries.

The modern design prevents the spilling of the electrolyte. If you settle for this battery, you will forget about the constant spilling of the electrolyte, a popular occurrence in regular car batteries. The modern design prevents spilling of the electrolyte.


–    Quickly discharges after it’s been used for sometime


Factors to consider before purchasing a car battery

  1. Reserve Capacity

Reserve capacity refers to the duration the battery can run on its own sans the engine and before the discharge. I would recommend you go for batteries with higher reserve system.  A high reserve capacity will come in handy in case of any emergencies. For instance, when your engine fails, alternator failure, or forgetting to switch off your lights, you will be thankful for a high reserve car battery.

  1. Power requirement

Power requirement is the cranking Amps and cold cranking Amps of a car battery. This refers to the energy required to start a car in different condition. The cranking Amps is the energy required to start a car at the temperatures of 32 degrees Fahrenheit.  The Cold Cranking Amps is the ability of the car battery to start the car at freezing weather, at 0 degrees Fahrenheit. I would recommend a battery with high cranking amps. You don’t want to experience the struggles of starting your car in cold weather.

  1. Warranties

Many people ignore the warranty part while purchasing tools and devices. Well, take keen interest in warranties while shopping for car batteries. I would recommend you choose a car battery with a long free replacement period. Just in case of anything. Besides, a longer warranty shows that the company believes that their product is of good quality. It shows that they believe the product will last longer than the free replacement period.

  1. Battery size

The battery size you buy must perfectly fit in the battery tray of your car. Car batteries are divided into different sizes, in terms of length, width and height. Find out the size of the cell by checking out the car’s manual or by consulting with your mechanic.  The correct battery is one that would perfectly fit into your battery tray. If it does not fit in the dish, you risk vibrations that result in damages.

  1. Battery freshness

Battery freshness indicates the date when the car battery was manufactured.  The date is shown in codes a letter and number. For instance, C/6 stands for a battery made in March 2006. A stands for January, B stands for February and so on till we get to December. Avoid buying a battery whose manufacturing date is more than six months during your time of purchasing.

  1. Maintenance practices

Car batteries are categorized into 2 when it comes to maintenance.  There are the maintenance-free types which are usually sealed.  The electrolyte would sustain the battery all through its life; you will need no replacements. I highly recommend the sealed batteries because you will not worry about replacing the electrolyte, and you will completely forget the stress of leaks. The second type is the battery that requires some little maintenance. These batteries have unsealed caps which enable you to add distilled water frequently.

  1. Terminals

The nature and the position of the terminals is an essential factor to consider when shopping for a car battery.  The location of the positive terminal affects the polarity of the car.  If the positive terminal comes in contact with the metal shell, the risk of shorting is increased. Check where the positive terminal is located, depending on the type of your vehicle. Ensure the battery is compatible with the car.


  1. Type and Position of Terminals

The position of the positive terminal affects the polarity of the car, and there is a risk of shorting if the positive terminal contacts with the metal shell of the vehicle. It is, therefore, crucial to check what side the location of the positive terminal, whether it’s on the right or left depending on the type of car.

How to Replace a Car Battery.




Most car owners pay little attention to their car batteries, especially if they are experiencing no roubles from that end. But trust me, that situation won’t last long; you will have to shop for a car battery at some point.   The best car battery is one that would last longer and is powerful enough to run your machine. The batteries come in a wide range of prices.  I want you to know that there is nothing wrong with buying a cheap battery, as long as its features are good and suitable. On the other hand, there is no harm in investing in an expensive battery; it would most probably be worth it in the long run.


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