The best Kickmats for 2019

When you have the tike smart premium kick mat, nobody will ever have to guess that you have it. Fitted with invisible straps so that one does not have to guess that you have a kick mat installed at the back of your car seat, the tike premium kick mat allows you to have playful kids and a clean car at the same time. And what’s more, at Tike, you can get a kick mat that just matches your car upholstery color so that your car has a uniform theme throughout.

The kick mats sell at a crazily affordable price that allows you to keep your car back seats clean without having to rob a bank. They are also easy to install since all you need is to buckle it up and voila, in less than five minutes you will have your car with these great kick mats that complement your car interior giving you the best protection from dirt and mud that kids love smearing on the back of your car seats.

  • Cleaning the kick mats is the easiest thing you have ever done in this world. All you need is a wet soapy sponge that you bring to the mat and wipe it in a few strokes off all the mud that the kids might have playfully smeared on.
  • The kick mat protects your car seat from scratches, scrapes and scruffs that the kids and pets might have applied on the car seats. This way, you seats have a longer life.
  • They are made of polyester and therefore not very durable especially when you have troublesome kids or pets who want to scrap and tear off the mat.


Econour kick mats boast of awesome customer experience

The one memorable thing about my experience with Econour kick mats was that their customer support desk was top-notch. Yes, there might be complaints on the amazon online stores that the material is not that durable and sturdy but you have to give them a 5 star rating when it comes to their tactfulness and prompt replies whenever you make a concern to their help desk. I remember the first time the Econour kick mat was shipped to me, they had holes and I promptly called the customer support who helped me and sent a replacement. What’s more, the Econour kick mats had many organizer pockets giving me multiple locations to store my things in the car. And of course, they were great kicks for those little legs of my kids who just love dirtying anything that their legs can get themselves on.

When I bought the Econour I remember I was travelling upcountry to my parent’s village which is a place that is ever wet with rain. This was during the December holiday and my kids wanted to travel to all their cousins who live in the village. So you can imagine how bad it must have felt seeing that every day was a rainy one. There were times when it would pour when we were in the car or a t my cousin’s homestead and I knew that I would have to battle with mud as well as water on the car seats.

Thankfully, the Econour car kit mats were waterproof and as such I did not have to deal with water soaked all over my car seats.

  • The Water proof material was great in preventing soaking of water
  • They protected my car from muddy kicks from the kids
  • The customer experience was really tactful and great
  • I would advise buyers to be cautious with the kick mat as they could get ripped away when kids try to pull them off.

I fell in love with the Britax kick mats the first time that I saw them. The picture that the company has put of this product on amazon is of a kick mat that is easily washable, waterproof and at the same time one that is easy to install. And that is where my love for this product began. And I am happy to say that the love affair has not come to an end. And neither will it in the near future unless they start doing shoddy work on the manufacture.

The kick mats come in pairs and all for the price of less than $10. That is crazy, ain’t it? Indeed it is considering that you will no longer have to worry about your kids smearing dirt and all kinds of filth on the back of your car seats.

Other than protecting your car seats from dirt, the Britax kick mats also come with meshy pockets at the back where you can keep your kids snacks, drinks and anything that they will need when you are travelling. That means that you no longer need to clutter your dashboard and every other car compartment trying to look for places to keep your kids snacks. And since those snacks are at their disposal they will not need to wail at you as they ask you to pass them the bottle or water or a handkerchief for a runny nose.

  • Easily washable since you can either use your hands or machine to wash away all the dirt on it
  • Waterproof and as such it protects you from spillages getting into contact with the back of the car seats.
  • Easily attachable to the car seat since it comes with buckles and straps to hook on to.
  • One needs to handle the mat with care since too much force could make it torn apart.


Are the drive auto products kick mats the strongest in the market?

The drive auto products company describe their kick mats as the strongest in the market. But you know what, that is a marketing gimmick and it only become a fact when it is proved by the customers. So I went ahead to buy the kick mat for a friend and wanted to see how durable it would be.

After one month of use, one thing was clear. The drive auto products was one of those products that you would buy if you wanted a stress free life. For one, it was able to trap all those little kicks such that I did not have to shout my voice hoarse trying to warn the kids from smearing mud on my car seats or even spend lots of time trying to clean the mud and stains out. No, all I needed was to wipe the drive auto kick mat with a wet cloth and in no time, it would be sparkling clean.

The rubber kick mats were odorless—something that I had feared my friend would battle with as I clicked on the ‘add to cart button’ on amazon. So this was a big surprise for me—no bad odor. They were also easy to install and no one needs to notice that it is a kick mat since the straps are ingenuously styled so that you can buckle them up without people having to see them from the front.

On them being the strongest kick mat, I felt that pure leather kick mats would beat them but they were strong enough though. Not the strongest, but strong enough I would say.

  • Strong and durable
  • Easy to clean
  • Odorless
  • Easy to install
  • The product description that they are the strongest was false and that did not sit well in me.


Oneisall kick mat—The most attractive kick mat for kids?

A kick mat has revolutionized over the years. Gone are the days when folks would just buy a kick mat for the sole reason that their kids would not dirty their car seats. Today it is more about entertainment, car interior organization, luxury and snacking for kids while on travel. Before, a kick mat would be make from old clothes and was more of a rag than anything. It was something you could do for yourself. Today it has metamorphosed into something else that is attractive, has organizer pockets and complements the car interior theme. And that can best be captured in the Oneisall kick mat for guys with kids.

The oneisall kick mat comes with an iPad holder so that the kids’ eyes can be glued on the screen without having to disturb you with curious questions throughout the journey, organizer pockets to hold drinks so that they can sip thirst out of their systems as well as listen to music to relieve boredom. It has nylon fasten tapes on both sides so that you can plug in some earphones or a charger so that the kids are entertained all the way till you get to your destination.

  • Clear iPad holder held securely so that the kids can play and watch while moving
  • Organizer pockets can hold drinks and snacks for the kids so that they do not have to starve through the journey
  • Allows the kids to travel with their teddies and all other toys that they do not want to depart from
  • Easy to clean
  • Water proof
  • Large size measuring up to 25.2” x 18.1”
  • Not very sturdy.
  • There were complaints that the zipper would break down after a few days of use.


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