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The best Back seat protector for car seats in 2019

While carrying your kids or pets in the car backseat, have you noted that they accidentally or even deliberately step on the back of your seat leaving dirty marks behind? Well, you are not alone. Many parents including us have had to wipe muddy marks off the back of our seats every time after carrying kids and pets. But who can blame them? Maybe they were just playing and leaving those dirty marks was still part of the fun! But to you, it is not fun at all when that expensive fluffy car seat cover gets dirty and you have to spend a good time scrubbing off those indelible marks and stains. And then it takes like forever for that fluffy cover to dry. Well, with a back seat protector for your car seats, you no longer need to curse under your breath as you laboriously work to remove those dirty feet marks. No, all you need to do is wash out the dirt from the protector while the back of your seat remains neat and clean.

DIY car seat back protector

When we first faced the problem, our initial thought was to place a nylon paper over the seats so that when the kids kicked their feet on the back, the mud and dirt would land on the nylon paper. This however was uncomfortable and made the car interior look old and poor. What with the crackling sound that was so irritating! And again, I could simply not stand the look of my beautiful car interior being degraded by this nylon paper. As though that was not enough, the kids’ feet ripped the nylon paper after sometimes and so, it was not serving its intended purpose. We simply had to look for an alternative.

My wife advised that we do a DIY car seat back protector. Since she had a sewing machine and some old clothes that would work well as kick mats, she proceeded to make one. So what will you need for the DIY car seat back protector?

  • Old fabric
  • Sewing machine

How to make your DIY car seat back protector

  • Measure the dimensions of the back of your car seat
  • Cut out the fabric as per these dimensions and hem it on the sides.
  • Sew in some straps to tie the fabric on the headrest.
  • You can sew in some organizer pockets if you want to.
  • Tie the DIY back protector on your car seat.

That easily, you will have your own hand-made car kick mat. However, I know that not so many people have sewing skills or even the time to do so. They will therefore appreciate it when they get ready made protectors. And did I mention that we still had to buy a ready-made kick mat since the one that my wife made did not last for long? It is for this reason that we will be reviewing the 2018 best back seat protectors for your car seat in this post. But before that, here are the things to look out for when selecting your best kick mat


The major purpose for buying kick mats is to protect your car seat back from dirt, mud and moisture that your kids might smear on it. This does not mean that the kick mat does not get dirty itself. It does but cleaning it should be fast. Most kick mats can be cleaned by a simple wipe of a wet cloth. Others that are made of heavier fabric would need a machine or hand wash. When choosing your protector, go for one that will give you the least of worries during cleaning.


The kick mat should fit your car measurements. While the manufacturer will assure you that it is a universal mat that would fit any car, suv, sedan or minivan, the only sure way to determine how true this is to actually try it on your automotive.


While buying a kick mat, you want one that is going to offer you value for your money, don’t you? You do not want to spend your hard-earned cash on a kick mat that will not last long by getting ripped easily. You should therefore go for quality and sturdy mats that will live long.


Talking of cost, you need to go for one that is affordable while not compromising on quality or other accessories and features. As always, remember that cheap is at most times expensive since the guys selling cheaply want to quickly do away with that crappy inventory and you as the cheap buyer are the easiest to lure into their trap.

Buyer reviews

Amazon offers a great shopping experience where you can judge whether a certain product is good owing to the number of star ratings as well as the rave reviews that it has received. Oftenly, I try as much as possible to go for those products with many positive reviews because that is a clear indicator that the product is a great buy and that is why most people are going for the same. At the same time, I also go through the negative reviews to see whether those who disliked the product had ground for their dislike or maybe they were just hard to please customers.

Storage compartments

Modern car seat back protectors have these fancy storage compartments where you can store small valuables, foods, tissues, drinks and, tablets and even iPad with a clear mesh so that one sitting at the back can still use it while the car is in motion without having to hold it. If you are buying your mat, go for one with as many storage compartments as your needs.

Having given you a guide on how to choose the best car seat back protector, let us dive into the kick mats that our experts thought were worth a mention and also worth your buying considerations.


Brica Deluxe Kick Mats, 2 Count

The brica kick mat is big enough and as such, it will fit into your minivan, suv or personal car. It comes with adjustable buckle attachments to hold onto the car seats. The grime fabric does its job in protecting the back of your car seat from mud, dirt and moisture. It will also protect it from sharp marks and cuts that your kid or pet might want to put on the back of your car seat. With the brica kick mat, you no longer need to scream your voice hoarse as you try to warn your kids from stepping on your car seat back. No, just let the kids be!

  • The 18” x23” brica kick mats do their job in protecting your car seat back from those little dirty foot marks that your kids are ever eager to leave.
  • Universal fit into suvs, sedans, minivans and other small cars.
  • Simple design and easy to install
  • Easy to wash.
  • There were complaints that the corners folded out and it was hard to have it lying flat
  • It was just a simple design with no fancy pockets that would have been great to store kid’s toys and such things.
  • Some customers complained that the wrong dimensions were shipped to them showing that there could be a lapse in the company customer service.


Pack Kick Mats with Tissue Holder, Waterproof Car Seat Back Protector with Organizer Storage Pocket –Universal Fit – by Termichy (2-Black)

This kick mat from Termichy comes with extra features other than being a water-proof car back seat protector. It has a tissue holder plus two more pockets to hold your kids’ toys, books or even foods. The mat is big enough measuring 18”x27” giving it a good area to cover just any car back seat.

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  • Reliable customer service that places the customer’s needs before anything else.
  • Extra-large giving it a universal fit for just any car type
  • The pockets allow you to organize your storage and carry kids’ things while travelling.
  • Easy to clean since all you need to do is wipe with a wet piece of cloth
  • Allow kids to kick and kick without you feeling about it.
  • Easy to install
  • There were complaints that the elastic straps would not hold for long to prevent those dirty kids’ kicks.


Oasser Kick Mats Car Seat Back Protectors Back of Seat Organizers 2 Pack XL with 1 Tissue Box Clear 10″ IPad Holder 3 Large Storage Organizers

When you are looking for a car seat back protector with the most storage compartments, then the Oasser should click into you mind. It has multiple storage spaces for drinks, iPad, foods and magazines. It is made with oxford cloth, nylon and PVC materials for its different parts. It measures 9”x5”x2.5”

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  • Multiple storage spaces
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to clean
  • You can operate your ipad from the clear mesh storage compartment
  • There were many complaints that the zipper broke after a few days of use
  • Fabric quality gets easily ripped.


Lebogner Car Seat Protector + Kick Mat Auto Seat Back Protector with 3 Organizer Pockets, Durable Quality Seat Covers + Waterproof Kick Guards to Protect Your Leather and Upholstery Seats from Damage

Measuring 27” long and 19” wide, this polyester kick mat comes with three organizer pockets to help you with storage and carrying of things while travelling. The mat plays its role of protecting your seats from marks, treads and water spillages coming into contact with your expensive leather fabric.

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  • Large enough to fit onto major car seats
  • Easy to install with hooks to attach it to the headrest
  • Does its job of keeping your back seat clean and dry.
  • Many organizer pockets to keep your things safe.
  • There were complaints that the polyester material was low quality and easily got ripped after a few kicks from the little ones


Car Back Seat Organizer with Larger Protection & Storage – 12 Compartments including iPad Holder

Touted as durable and study, the Lusso gear protector measures 14.5” wide and 24.5” in height. It has very many tiny organizer pockets for all those things that you might want to carry for yourself or for your kid and the car seems not to have places to hold them securely. The material is water proof and as such, you need not worry of liquid spillages getting into contact with the back of your car seat.

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  • Great customer experience. We had a problem with the first one and the company promptly shipped a replacement. That endeared them to us.
  • Many organizer pockets
  • Water proof
  • Large enough to fit
  • Easy to install
  • The material was not as sturdy as claimed and easily got torn with time.


Car Back Seat Organizer Protector and iPad mini Holder Bag – 1 PACK Travel Accessories Toy Storage Bag with Tablet Holder for Kids, Storage Bottles, Tissue Box, Backseat Cover, Kick Mats (Beige)

Made from high quality PU leather and with multiple organizer pockets, the car back seat protector is large enough to go into cars, suvs, trucks and minivans. It is water resistant and anti-scratch making it easy to take care of.

The 7 pocket organizer can hold:

  • Phone holder
  • Tissue bag
  • Umbrella holder
  • 2 cup holders
  • 2 extra pockets

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  • Easy to install
  • Many pocket organizers for putting drinks, foods, magazines, children spare clothes etc.
  • PU leather material is durable and easy to wash
  • There was a complaint that it ripped off easily


2Pack PU Leather Premium Car Seat Back Organizer Travel Accessories, Car Seat Back Organizer Seat Protector/Kick mats Back seat Protector and iPad Mini Cup Holder Holder, Universal Use Seat Covers

The uniquely designed 2 pack Pu leather kick mat adds to the aesthetic appeal of your car interior with its brown luxurious color and high quality material. The organizer pack adds to the lustre of your car while also meeting your storage needs with its many back pockets where you can hold your umbrellas, cups, drinks, magazines and phones. Measuring 65 cms by 50 cms, the mat is large enough to fit into many vehicle seats. It comes with easy to install straps.

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  • High quality material
  • Adds to the aesthetic appeal of your car interior
  • Many organizer pockets for your storage
  • Large enough for wide range of car seats
  • Easy to install
  • Water proof
  • Sturdy and will last for a very long time.
  • Premium price
  • They deliver one instead of two as advertised on amazon


Car Back Seat Organizer Protector – Travel Accessories Large Size Toy Storage Bag with 12.9″ Tablet Holder for Kids, Backseat Cover, Kick Mats by WEIKER (BLACK – 2 PACKS)

The beautiful Weiker organizer protector will keep your kicks engaged with its multiple pockets where you can keep literally anything that would otherwise have no place in the car interior. With its playful colors, your kids are going to fall in love with it. At the same time, it protects your car from those dirty little kicks on the back of the seats.

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  • Easy to install
  • Multiple pockets to keep your thing securely
  • There were complaints that some customers found their zippers destroyed even before usage

What we did not like about it

  • There were complaints that some customers found their zippers destroyed even before usage.


EVAJULLY Car Back Seat Organizer with Kids Toy Bottles Storage Foldable Dining Table,8 Compartments including iPad Holder

You have not tried a high quality kick mat made of PU leather at a crazily affordable price if you are yet to land your hands on the Evajully car seat organizer. With its multiple pockets to stuff away your things, it is a good buy for families. The mat is also water resistant and you therefore need not worry about having soiled car seat covers.

Cleaning and installing are such simple tasks that you do not have to call out for help to install the organizer. With it you can hold the following:

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  • Umbrellas for rainy weather
  • Drinks
  • Cups
  • IPad
  • Phone
  • Magazines
  • Biscuits
  • Many organizer pockets
  • Cheaply affordable considering its durability and how sturdy the material is
  • Lasts for long
  • Water resistant
  • Easy to clean since all you need is wipe away dirt and dust from it
  • Made of high class Pu leather that adds to the beauty of your car
  • Serves the major purpose of keeping away dirty marks from the car seat.
  • There were complaints that the table holder would drop things when the car hit a bump.


Jugtech Car back seat Organizer with Tablet Holder Durable Quality Seat Back Organizer, 8 Pocket Storage,Back Seat Protector for kids, Car Organizer PU Leather(Brown, 2pack

Made of PU leather, the Jugtech is another of those high quality kick mats that are worth looking at. With 8 pockets, you can store so many things be it drinks, umbrellas and kids food. It is manually sewed and as such reflects high class that you will be proud to rock in your car interior.


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  • Easy to install
  • 8 pockets for storage
  • Waterproof material
  • High class fabric that shows that you roll out with suave and finesse.
  • Serves it purpose of keeping the car seat or cover tidy.
  • Comes with a safe iPad holder
  • Premium price


DMoose Car Backseat Organizer with Tablet Holder for Kids and Toddlers (24″ x 19″) Large – Insulated Thermal Pockets, Strong Buckles – Use as Seat Back Protector, Kick Mat, Car Organizer

Let the kids declutter your car dashboard by keeping their playthings and drinks in a safe place just next to them with this Dmoose car backseat organizer. With its tablet holder, the Dmoose organizer allows your kid to watch movies and play on their tablet which is securely held by the mesh pocket. With this kick mat, drinks need not run cold when you want them hot for 6 to 8 hours since the extra neoprene padding keeps hot drinks hot and cold remain cold.

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  • Easy to install
  • With its many organizers, your car will no longer be cluttered with kids’ stuff on dashboard, floor seats and boot.
  • Tablet holder for your kid
  • Neoprene water proof material
  • Great for travel when you need to preserve the temperature of your drinks
  • The sides flop forward since there are no straps to hold them in place
  • Low quality material that easily tears with time.

Wrap up on the best car seat back protectors

If you had not anticipated it, this marks the wrap up of our post on the best kick mats that you can buy in 2018. We have seen that inspection of protector fabric, quality, washability, price, number of organizer pockets are all factors in play when buying your car seat organizer. The main role though of preserving the quality and cleanliness of your car seat should however not be ignored.


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