Tvird, Auto Heated Seat Cover Adjustable Temperature for Cold Weather

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    Tvird, Auto Heated Seat Cover Adjustable Temperature for Cold Weather

Tvird have come up with heated car seat covers and they are lovely because they come in a pair both for you and your passenger be it your girlfriend or wife  they will also appreciate this product. They are the latest model from the year 2020 . First of all these seat covers are safe and safety first is important in matters to do with heating and batteries in the car. These types of things end up backfiring on many people and that is not a good thing for the manufacturer and the customer. These seat covers are universal but at times it could depend with the type of car one has in their possession.

The seat covers provide warmth immediately and this is one the plug and play-in function has been offset let us say within 3-5 minutes. This is reasonable enough factoring in that it caters for both seats. They have 12v and they do actually provide warmth to you and your passenger and they also have a Safe UL approved wiring that is inbuilt to the seat cover. Most people have asked whether one can feel the wiring and the answer is absolutely not. The product has been designed to remove the customer from the technical issues regarding the product.

The product is only usable in the front and not the back seats and this can be specific for those cold morning going to work and they have straps that hold the seat cover in place. Some products of a similar nature keep on moving around as one shifts in their seat but this is not the case for these seat covers. They stay put and they do not move around like the others giving one that feeling of safety.

This product being a product that needs an energy source can be tricky especially with the type of car one uses. And before buying the product one ought to have knowledge on this types of issues because one could buy the product which may drain their battery within no time. The fact that the car seat cover comes in a pair could be good but it should make one wary especially with the type of car that they have with them. The product is also non-flammable and this is a plus for the buyer and at times these types of products that use such mechanisms tend to malfunction but this one will not catch fire. When it concerns such products the worry mostly is about safety and flammability but with an approval rating of 4.5 stars there is no need to worry.

7.5 Total Score

Totally worth buying

Total Score
  • The product is safe to use
  • The product is easy to install
  • The product also comes in a pair which is a plus
  • The product is also universal fit and it comes highly recommended
  • Could easily drain one’s battery depending on the type of car
  • Uses only one power source and if power source is alternative one would need an extension
  • It does not have covers for the rear seats
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