Bell Automotive 22-1-56258-8 Universal Bucket Seat Cover


Let me confess this: I love colours. Car seat covers that boast of a kaleidoscope of colours will make me go mad. Anytime. All the time. In fact my first car interior was plumage of colours which would have made you think that you just walked into a rainbow. Yes, colours are my Achilles heel. And so when I first saw the Bell Automotive 22-1-56258-8 Universal Bucket Seat Cover on amazon, my mind was literally blown away. I remember that at that time I was so bloke that I did not even have a dollar in my PayPal account.

But hey, I had to get it. Either by hook or crook. And so, I stole my wife’s visa card and went to order the product. I did not worry about her noticing that I had stolen some money from her. No, I would cross that bridge when I came to it.

Despite how alluring the Bell automotive universal bucket seat cover looked and how awesome my car interior looked after installing it, there was a problem. The cushion wasn’t that high quality. In fact it easily tore away after my pet Jim tried his sharp claw on it.

It also caught dirt so easily and if you are like me, a guy who travels with his kids and pet Jim, then you need of something else because the bell cushion will disappoint you.

Of course, I dumped the Bell seat cover a long time ago. What will all the mud and perforations it had after Jim decided to play with it as his mat? So, let me summarize my experience with the bell automotive 22-1-56258-8 universal bucket seat cover.


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  • Alluring adding aesthetic appeal to my car interior
  • Highly breathable and would therefore do great for those guys in high temperature areas
  • Easy to install
  • Not durable.
  • Not water resistant
  • Easily catches dirt.

8.3Expert Score
Bell Automotive 22-1-56258-8 Universal Bucket Seat Cover

A classic look and an updated feel Universal bucket seat cover Sold as a one pack.Fits most seats with built-in or adjustable headrests helping drivers enjoy their ride since the 1940s

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