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Britax kick mats: When Easy washability is all you want

Britax kick mats: When Easy wash-ability is all you want

I fell in love with the Britax kick mats the first time that I saw them. The picture that the company has put of this product on amazon store is what you get. Britax kick mats is easily washable, waterproof and at the same time one that is easy to install. That is where my love for this product began. I am happy to say that the love affair has not come to an end. Neither will it in the near future unless they start doing shoddy work on the manufacture.

The kick mats come in pairs and all for the price of less than $10. That is crazy, ain’t it?. Indeed it is considering that you will no longer have to worry about your kids smearing dirt and all kinds of filth on the back of your car seats.

Other than protecting your car seats from dirt, the Britax kick mats also come with meshy pockets at the back where you can keep your kids snacks, drinks and anything that they will need when you are travelling. That means that you no longer need to clutter your dashboard and every other car compartment trying to look for places to keep your kids snacks. Since those snacks are at their disposal they will not need to wail at you as they ask you to pass them the bottle or water or a handkerchief. In case this kids mess i always have a solution for them.

What I loved about the Britax kick mats

  • Easily washable since you can either use your hands or machine to wash away all the dirt on it
  • Waterproof and as such it protects you from spillages getting into contact with the back of the car seats.
  • Easily attachable to the car seat since it comes with buckles and straps to hook on to.

What I did not like about Britax

  • One needs to handle the mat with care since too much force could make it torn apart.
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