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Best Backless Booster Seats in 2019.

The primary purpose of a backless booster seat is to elevate the height of your child so that they can fit perfectly in the seat belts.   The boosters help the seat belt fit on children like they would on adults. These kinds of boosters use the vehicle’s back and headrest because they do not have their own.  The booster seat also adjusts the height of the babies’ head to the headrest. The best kind of a backless booster seat is one that first, provides safety and secondly is comfortable to the baby.

Why and when do you need to shop for a backless back booster?

You need to get a backless booster for the comfort and safety of your kids while driving.  Many older kids would prefer backless boosters. You know it’s the right time to get a backless booster when your baby:

–    Is between 4 and eight years, 40-80 pounds, or below 4’9’’

–    Has outgrown the size limit of his car seat

–    Cannot sit with his back aligned to the vehicle backrest while his knees are completely bent over the edge.

–    The vehicle seat belt does not fit appropriately

–    Ears are lower than the headrest.

If any of these statements is true, then you need to get a backless seat booster. Choosing a backless seat booster can be a little hectic. There are many brands of backless seat boosters, some performing excellently while others are just shoddy from their manufacturing to their performance. It’s for this reason that you need to check out reviews before purchasing a backless booster.  I have compiled a review of the best backless boosters in 2019. Also, I have compiled factors to consider when buying a backless booster.  Go through these reviews before you go shopping for a backless booster seat.

  1.  Graco Affix Backless Booster, Davenport

If you are looking for an easy-to-use backless booster seat, look no further than this Graco Affix seat.   It is easy to set-up this booster.  Besides, adjusting and moving this seat is easier than most backless boosters.   The one-handed latch system enables you to adjust the seat with a lot of ease. This seat is a mere 5.6 pounds. Lifting it from one seat to another is easy.

It has a huge range limit.  It’s suitable for kids weighing 40 to 100 pounds and a height of between 40 and 57 inches. Alternatively, when the booster seat elevates the t top your kid’s to the level of the headrest, you are good to go.

The seat comes with a cup-holder to keep the drinks closer to the kid. Besides, it comes with an additional compartment to hold snacks and toys.  You would have an easier time keeping the things your kid loves closer to them.

The seat pad is washable in a washing machine.

Despite being one of the best backless booster seat in the market, this backless booster is affordable.


The booster is often wide for smaller cars.  If you have a small car and you are planning to fit three seats in the back car of your seat, you are better of settling for another smaller seat.

The hooks of the latch system are not as useful. They may come off, or become ineffective after some time.  Getting the belt to fit becomes difficult with the faulty LATCH system.

There are cases of parents receiving their boosters sans a cup holder.

  1. Evenflo AMP Select Car Booster Seat


This pretty backless booster is one of the kid’s favorite. The seats come in 8 different funky colors and patterns. You get to choose what is most appealing to you and your kid.

If you are looking for a seat perfect for long drives, look no further. This booster seat is safe and comfortable for long rides. The padded armrests provide maximum comfort for the long road trips.  Besides, the seat has an elastic dual cup-holder. The cup-holder allows you to accommodate cups or bottles of any size, suitable for long road trips.

This seat is easy to clean. The top cover is easy to remove and easy to fix back. The pads are washable in a washing machine.

Besides the guaranteed comfort, this backless booster is safe for your kid.  The solid make is worth the low price.


This seat is too wide for smaller cars.  Ensure you get your measurements right to avoid disappointments.

  1. Clek Olli Backless Booster

If you are looking for a suitable backless booster for ‘bigger kids,’ then this could be your ideal choice.  This seat is ideal for kids weighing between 40-120 pounds, or between 40 and 57 inches. It can accommodate up to 9-year-olds. Finding a booster for bigger kids is not usually a walk in the park. Try out this seat, and you surely won’t be disappointed.

This seat is durable, strong and sturdy. If you are looking for a long-lasting seat that can be reused by your kid’s siblings, then this could be the ultimate deal.   The unique metal substructure and the sturdy make this seat safe for your kid.

With this seat, the common problem of bacteria growth will be long forgotten.  The Crypton stain-resistant fabric will help you keep the chair sterile and free from bacteria –growth. An energy absorbing foam and a thicker foam cushion prevent thriving of a damp environment that promotes growth.

This booster seat comes with some accessories that would make the trips worthwhile.  It comes with a seat mat, a cup-holder, a carrying strap, and its cleaning kit.


Operating the latch system is quite tricky. Most parents complain of having a hard time attaching the seat to the lower anchors.  Besides, this set is almost twice expensive than most seats on this review.


  1.  Mifold Grab-and-Go Car Booster Seat

A first glance to this backless booster and you won’t even realize that it’s a seat booster.  The booster is foldable into a small compact size for easy portability. If you are looking for a backless booster you can travel with, for example when you plan on using a taxi to and from the airport; then this portable backless booster would be the ideal choice for you.  Besides, if you frequently switch cars, consider getting this booster seat.

This backless booster is unique. It does not work like regular boosters that work by elevating the kid to the belts; it works by bringing down the belts to the kid.  This model may look unsafe considering many people only know of the seats that elevate the kids. This booster is entirely safe. It meets and exceeds safety standards.

This seat accommodates slightly bigger kids. It is suitable for kids weighing 40-100 pounds, and 40-57 pounds.

People with smaller cars often have troubles getting a booster seat that would perfectly fit their cars. Well, this would be the best choice if you have had some trouble with the bigger seats.


This seat is not easy to use, especially due to its unique design. Many children need help to buckle and unbuckle themselves.

  1. Graco Backless TurboBooster Car Seat, Galaxy


By now, you have probably realized that Graco seats rank high in the lists of best booster seats. This seat is a duplicate of Graco Affix, but with more padding and no LATCH System.


This particular seat is suitable for kids between 4-10 years. If you are looking for a booster seat that will grow with your kid consider having this seat with a wide age recommendation. The adjustable armrests keep the growing kids more comfortable.  It accommodates kid of between 40 an 100 pounds or those of up to 57 inches. It’s indeed a very versatile seat.


This seat has been made comfortable for bigger kids.  A lot of ‘big kids’ detest riding in ‘kid’s seats’ If you are experiencing such problems, this seat would be the ideal solution. Its comfort and size would be appealing to older kids. Besides being accommodative to bigger kids, this seat is equally comfortable for kids smaller in frame. The seat belt adjuster helps the shoulder strap fit perfectly for smaller kids. Many kids love the thick padding on the seat and the armrest.


This seat comes with two cup holders. Better still, the cup holders are hideaways.  When not in use, you can slide them back into the booster to save on space.


This seat is easy to clean. The removable covers of the seat and the armrest are washable in a washing machine. You can alternatively just hand wash them.



These seat covers are prone to quick wear and tear.


  1.  BubbleBum Inflatable Backless Booster Car Seat


This is another unique booster seat in our list. It is an inflatable booster seat. For this reason, it is easily portable and suitable for traveling. You can deflate it and pack it in a purse of in a backpack.  It comes with a drawstring carry bag.  Besides, this bag is very light. It weighs less than a pound.  You will, therefore, have an easier time moving it around.  It works well if you frequently use taxis or when you love vacating.

If you are having problems with space in the back seat, this could be the best solution for you. It is an ideal choice for carpooling.  You can fix 3 seats in the back seat of a medium sized car.  They are not unnecessarily wide.

This car seat is not designed for long rides, and bigger kids. It is suitable for short rides such as Uber rides, and petite kids.  The seat tends to deflate during long rides. It’s not something for everyday use.


You need to blow air into the seat to inflate it. This is cumbersome and time-consuming.


Factors to consider when buying a backless seat booster

  1. Safety

The main purpose of a backless seat booster should be to provide safety for your kid.  The booster should boost your kid enough so that they can fit in the vehicle’s seat belts like an adult would do.

  1. Comfort

The legs of the kids between 4 and 8 years tend to hang uncomfortably on the edge of the chair. Try to make the legs comfortable results in making the back uncomfortable, because they won’t be able to lean against the backrest. Their heads barely reach the headrest. A comfortable headrest would boost the head to the headrest, the back to the backrest and the legs to the edge of the seat.   Look for a backless booster that would be comfortable for travelling, even when the kid sleeps during the rides.  It’s a plus if the seat has an armrest and is thickly padded.

  1.  Age and size limit

Ensure the age, weight, and height of your baby match the manufacture’s recommendation of your ideal booster seat.  Failure to adhere to the manufacturer’s recommendation means that you are either risking their child’s safety and comfort.

  1. Ease of use

The seat needs to be easy to use. You don’t want complications of sophisticated systems in the seat. A one-hand LATCH system is an added plus because you will have an easier time buckling the baby into the seat.   I highly recommend seats that would allow you to adjust the baby at the back seat from the front.  Besides, using, it should be easy to clean. If the cover and the seat are washable, you will have an easier time keeping the environment of your baby hygienic.

  1. Additional accessories

I love portable and collapsible booster. If it’s portable, I will approve it if it comes with a carrier bag.  I highly recommend car seat booster that comes with a cup holder. You want to keep snacks and drinks closer to your children during the drives.  If the cup holders or the additional racks can be pushed back into the seat while not in use to save on space, the better.


In conclusion, choosing a backless seat booster requires a lot of keenness. You don’t want to buy something unsafe and uncomfortable for your baby.  I am convinced that you will find your perfect booster seat from the reviews above. While shopping for booster seat, ensure you keep the factors discussed above in mind to avoid ending up with a shoddily done booster. A our moto stands ”our aim is to guide you not only to the good, but to the best”.

Here a video on how to fix a backless booster seat.


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