Why have pocket organizers in your choice kick mat?

When buying your car seat back protector, you will find that there are those that are just kick mats to protect the seats from dirt when kids kick them, and then there are those that have pocket organizers at the back. But why have one that has pocket organizers if all you needed was just a kick mat. Well, in this article, we explore some of the reasons why you might need pocket organizers in your choice car seat back protector.

Hold iPad

My kids love watching TV and movies. It is one thing that I cannot pull away from them unless I want a big fight which will end with them crying and me looking like a bad, uncaring father. So, I have to carry an iPad or tablet with me so that they can watch all the movies or play games while we are travelling. My kick mat has this tablet holder so that they can watch from the comfort of their seats without holding it.

Hold drinks and foods for the kids

Kids do get hungry fast. Your organizer pockets will help you hold food and drinks so that the kids can easily reach out to the foods and drinks without having to trouble you.

Avoid clutter in the car

Organizer pockets help you de-clutter your car interior. It is no good having foods, clothes, extra shoes, umbrellas, tablets and everything strewn everywhere in your car. It shows that

Umbrella just in case of rain

Have you ever driven from home and just before you arrived at your destination, it suddenly rains. There were no signs that it would pour but it just did. Maybe you did not have an umbrella because you have nowhere to keep it in the car. Well, with organizer pockets that come with umbrella holder, you no longer need to be caught unawares.

Extra clothes

Organizer pockets can also keep an extra clothing item so that you can always change when need arises.

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