Toy ideas for your car

Ever wondered why people put up toys in their car? It could be those pendant toys that are suspended at the front of the car just above the dashboard or teddy bears that sit on the passenger seat especially for guys who drive alone.  Well, the toys could be pieces of life memories, faith paraphernalia or just items of beauty that help speak more about the person’s personality.

So what do you need to look out for when buying your car toys?


Some people will buy toys for their cars because they are always carrying their kids with them. If that is so, you need to involve the kids win buying the car toys because they are the ones who know the best toy that they want.


Some toys are items of faith. Most Catholics for example have these pendant rosaries suspended from the top part of their car front. Others might have the picture of Jesus, Buddha or any other religious deity that they believe in.  If you are a religious person and want to proclaim this, then getting items of faith into your car might do.

  Car interior theme

When buying your car toys, look out for one that goes ahead to accentuate the awesomeness of your car. Pick one that complements the car interior theme as seen on the car seat covers and kick mats.


Toys are often a message about yourself. They say more about you to the outside world or to people who get inside your car. Moreover, they help you feel at home whenever you walk inside the car. So, when buying those car toys, look out for one that makes you feel revived, alive and at the same time true to yourself. Is the toy unique to you or is it just another idea that you stole from a friend and there is nothing special about it to you?

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