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PALMOO Pu Leather car back seat organizer

PALMOO Pu Leather Car Seat Back Organizer for Kids.

The PALMOO Pu Leather car seat back organizer first stunned me because as far as I could see, it was pure leather with multiple organizer pockets yet the price was amazingly affordable. So I was curious to know why they had to sell them at such a low price. Could it be that the leather was not pure but counterfeit and would end up getting ripped apart after a short while? Well, I decided to investigate and fortunately a friend had already purchased the product.

When the product was shipped to him from amazon stores, I was there to see whether it was original or fake. Well, it was pure leather. That kind of flabbergasted me. I had spent a cool $100 dollars to buy a product similar, and this just purchased at $40. There must have been something amiss with this cheap product. So we waited.

The PALMOO Pu Leather car back seat organizer was good in doing its role of keeping away muddy stainy feet from reaching the car seat. There was one downside though. The organizer pockets were not that great. They would for example not hold the iPad at the fall. Every time the car hit a bump, everything in the organizer pockets would fall out breaking brittle things into small pieces.

PALMOO Pu Leather is one this i have bought this year and i don’t regret it.

What I loved about the product

  • Made of pure leather and thus durable
  • Give the car a luxurious feel
  • Great when you are on a low budget
  • Water resistant


What I did not like about the evajully car back seat organizer

  • The organizer pockets would not hold anything in place
  • Wrap up on the evajully car back seat protector
  • When you are on a low budget and are interested in a durable leather kick mat, then the The PALMOO Pu Leather is your thing.
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