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kids when they step on the back of your car seat.

Dont beat up kids when they step on the back of your car seat.

If you own a car and are a parent to small kids. Must have found out that after every time you carry them in the back seats, your seat back is left muddy, stainy and very dirty. That really angers you and what’s worse. They are not responsible. Definitely they are either fibbing or maybe they just forgot that they were kicking and tossing all over the seats. Leaving mud and dirt on the back of your car seat. If you are hot-tempered like me, you want to beat them up because those car seats are so damn expensive and cleaning them is not an easy task. It is not something that you want to do after every travel with those kids, right? It is even worse when they leave indelible stains that can never be cleaned up.

Well, if you have beaten up your kids for doing that, I do not blame you. My first instinct was to beat them up and well, I did. But if you do it again after reading this, then you need to see a psychologist because kids will always kick and leave a mess in your car. They are kids and applying dirt to your car seats is their pastime.

Instead you need to install kick mats or what is popularly known as car seat back protectors. What these car seats do is to protect the back of your car seat from those tiny dirty kicks. We already explored the different types of kick mats that you can get on amazon, their benefits as well as the best for your money. At the same time, you can make some DIY car seat protectors for you automotive if you feel that the price is too high for your low budget.

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