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Econour kick mats boast of awesome customer experience

The one memorable thing about my experience with Econour kick mats was that their customer support desk was top-notch. Yes, there might be complaints on the amazon online stores that the material is not that durable and sturdy but you have to give them a 5 star rating when it comes to their tactfulness and prompt replies whenever you make a concern to their help desk. I remember the first time the Econour kick mat was shipped to me, they had holes and I promptly called the customer support who helped me and sent a replacement. What’s more, the Econour kick mats had many organizer pockets giving me multiple locations to store my things in the car. And of course, they were great kicks for those little legs of my kids who just love dirtying anything that their legs can get themselves on.

When I bought the Econour I remember I was travelling upcountry to my parent’s village which is a place that is ever wet with rain. This was during the December holiday and my kids wanted to travel to all their cousins who live in the village. So you can imagine how bad it must have felt seeing that every day was a rainy one. There were times when it would pour when we were in the car or a t my cousin’s homestead and I knew that I would have to battle with mud as well as water on the car seats.

Thankfully, the Econour car kit mats were waterproof and as such I did not have to deal with water soaked all over my car seats.

What I loved about the Econour

  • The Water proof material was great in preventing soaking of water
  • They protected my car from muddy kicks from the kids
  • The customer experience was really tactful and great

What I did not like about the Econour kick mats

  • I would advise buyers to be cautious with the kick mat as they could get ripped away when kids try to pull them off.
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